Loudspeaker Systems Engineer (Cumberland, RI)
Tue, May 15, 2018

Experience and Education Required:

This position requires 7+ year’s experience in the engineering development of mass market loudspeaker, headphone, and/or microphone products, with a minimum of 3+ years proven hands-on design experience in developing loudspeaker products for the professional market. The position requires demonstrated experience developing products from concept through mass production. The candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, or a related engineering field, or equivalent experience.

Key Job Responsibilities and Technical Experience Requirements:

Interprets and implements product performance specifications to design and/or specify all aspects of professional loudspeaker systems including: transducers, amplification, signal processing, crossover networks, components, and enclosures.

Performs and interprets measurements of: loudspeaker, microphone, and headphone components and systems including: analog and digital signal processing; power amplifiers, and limiter/protection circuits. Analyzes measurements to design or specify design changes. Experience using Audio Precision and an acoustic measurement system (AP, CLIO, LMS, MLSSA, SMARRT, TEF, etc.) is required.

Designs and evaluates acoustical performance of products working together with product managers, mechanical engineers, and industrial designers on issues related to acoustical performance.

Specifies and evaluates transducer components based on: Thiele-Small parameters, acoustical and electrical measurements, controlled subjective listening tests, and evaluation of power ratings. Specifies and designs analog circuits and digital filters for loudspeaker processing using Filtershop or equivalent design software. Reviews and interprets schematics and PCB layouts. Tests and adjusts analog limiter circuits and DSP limiter parameters.

Performs subjective listening tests for loudspeaker, amplifier, headphone, and microphone products. Interprets results and implements design changes to achieve performance goals.

Uses oscilloscopes, meters, data loggers, and other engineering equipment in daily work. Occasionally reworks and changes component value changes on prototype PCB’s including SMT and through-hole designs.

Position requires willingness to work in an office and in an engineering laboratory environment. Job responsibilities require lifting and moving items up to 50 pounds weight, as well as bending, sitting, and crouching. Visual acuity and manual dexterity to inspect and hand-solder fine-pitch surface mount PCB assemblies is required.

This position is located at the Alto Professional offices in Cumberland, RI. This position reports to the Director of Engineering.

Willingness for occasional far-east travel related to job responsibilities (approximately 5%) is required.

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