Introducing the DN-S1000 tabletop CD/MP3 player from Denon DJ. A small compact feature-rich CD/MP3 player carefully designed to fit the requirements of today’s DJ’s. Whether you’re a mobile DJ, club DJ, international DJ or just a novice, the DN-S1000 is packed with creativity, performance, experience and reliability.

Brand new and weighing in at a mere eight pounds, Denon's smallest CD/MP3 player packs high-end features not found in much larger units.

MP3 Playback: Fully Supports,
– MP3 Seamless Looping with B Point Trim
– MP3 Scratching
– MP3 Hot Starts - MP3 Effects
– C.B.R and V.B.R. encoding up to 320 kbps
– ID3 Tags displays: (title, artist, album)
– MP3 File Search System (locate your files by name fast and easy)

Next Track Function with Cross Fade
Storing hundreds of your favorite mp3's on one disc is great. But what if you want play other files from the same disc back to back? Well, with our world's first Next Track Reserve function, you can search for a song by name and cross fade seamlessly to that file for a smooth non-stop mix
– The crossfade time is user adjustable
– Also available for CD audio discs as well

3-Way BPM Counter
AUTO BPM, Manual TAP and Manual BPM BPM value is also possible

4 Built-in Effects
You can activate the Effector function by selecting one of the 4 effects: Flanger, Filter (high-mid-low), Echo and worlds first Echo/Loop


  • Compact - 9" Wide
  • Effects and Feel of Vinyl
  • Pressure Sensitive Scratch Disc
  • Advanced MP3 Functions
  • Pick Next Track and Crossfade
  • 4 On-board Effects
  • 3 Platter Effects
  • 2 Hot Starts on the fly
  • Drag-Start, Brake & Reverse effects can be used for MP3 or CD audio discs
  • Fader Start Control Terminal: Compatible with all Denon DJ mixers
  • Digital Outputs: Constant Digital Output at 44.1 kHz is present when using all functions
  • 100 mm Long Stroke Slider with center click for Playback Speed Control
  • Seamless Loop Two seamless loops are available. (CD or MP3)
  • Hot Start (A1 and A2) can be made on the fly and used as a stutter point as well (CD or MP3)
  • Loop End Point B Trim/Move: The B point for the seamless loop can be easily adjusted on-the-fly using the Scratch Disc
  • CD TEXT Support (with scrolling display for long names)
  • Power On Play: Unattended playback is possible upon power up. Great for restaurants, bars and nightclubs at opening time.
  • CD Memo Function: Cue point, Playback Pitch, Pitch Range, Pitch ON/OFF, Key Adj ON/OFF, and Seamless Loop A and B data can be stored for late recall
  • Instant Start (0.02sec)
  • CD-R/RW Disc Playback
  • Pitch Control
    • CD: ±4% (0.1% step), ±10% (0.1% step), ±16% (0.1% step), ±24%(0.1% step), ±100% (1.0% step)
    • MP3: ±4% (0.1% step), ±10% (0.1% step), ±16% (0.1% step)

  • Pitch Bend
    • ±32% (when variable pitch range is ±4, 10, 16 or 24%)
    • ±99% (when variable pitch range is ±100%)

  • Key Adjust (=Master Tempo): +100% / -99% max
  • EOM (Flashes the status time bar when the track is about to end)
  • Shock-Proof Memory 20 sec. (CD), 100sec. (MP3)
  • Fluorescent Tube Display with dot matrix text support
  • Platter Hold: Extreme pitch bend by the Scratch Disc ±100%
  • Fast Search/Manual Search
  • Quick Jump: We made searching fast and easy. Jump around within a track with precise user-adjustable increment time steps
  • Search Precision 1/75 sec.
  • Software Upgradeable by CD-ROM disc

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