Professional Digital Mixer

Denon's latest DJ mixer with unparalleled sound quality for professional DJs has arrived. To equal the incredible abilities of its renowned tabletop CD/MP3 players, Denon DJ announces the DN-X1500S DJ mixer, offering advanced features with unprecedented functionality and flexibility for clubs and mobile DJs.  To achieve this exceptional performance, a floating 32-Bit SHARC® Digital Signal Processor empowers the fully digital circuit, ensuring low noise and exceptional audio fidelity. The Effector and Sampler are built in to further boost the DJ’s creative powers.  The all new Flex Fader cross fader with torque tension adjustment was carefully crafted to  withstand the rigorous performance of the toughest DJs. Additionally, the DN-X1500S is conveniently equipped with a USB port,  allowing firmware updates via a PC.

Matrix Input Assignment
Eight input sources are freely assignable to any channel. This opens up a world of creativity utilizing the same source for multi-channel effect remixing.

Flex Fader – 45mm Professional Cross Fader with Tension Torque
– Linear contour control
– Exceptional electrical and mechanical performance
– Stainless steel slide rails
– Tension torque adjustment 0 to 50 g ·cm
– Endurance-tested contacts

Sampler (CD Quality Sound)
The sampler utilizes audio from any of six mixer sources (Ch 1/2/3/4, Mic, Master) and offers edit options including Loop, Reverse Loop, Stutter, Single Playback and A-B Trim with overall Pitch Control adjustment of up to ±100%.

Internal Digital Effects
Delay, Echo1, Echo 2, Filter 1, Filter 2, Flanger, Auto Pan, Trans, and Key % over Ch1/Ch2/Ch3/Ch4/Main Mic/Master – all with pre-cueing option and convenient Dry/Wet mix control knob.

3-Way BPM Counter – Auto/TAP/Manual Input
This 3-way system was developed to ensure that the on-board effects are precisely synced with the music.

Cross Fader Start and Channel
Fader Start Trigger is possible and compatible with all of Denon DJ's CD/MP3 players as well as most other brands.

Constant Digital Output: 44.1 kHz, SPDIF
The DN-X1500S allows you to record directly to CD-R or hard disc device via coaxial digital output terminal.

Stereo Send/Return
Terminals for external effects processor. External and internal effects can be used simultaneously.

3-band EQ (On/Off Switchable) with parametric frequency adjustment.

Pre Fader Levels (PFL) for Each Channel
All input channel levels can be preadjusted to match output level meter ensuring a smooth transition between fades.

Mic Post Feature
Passes the mic signal into Booth, Rec or Digital output signal path. A great feature to avoid feedback in the DJ booth or unwanted announcements on your recordings.

Preset Function
It is possible to customize the machine to your preference by saving your favorite setting to internal memory.

Booth Output
Pre-monitor any channel and effect through the booth output in the same manner as you would with your headphones, only out loud!


  • Metallic Silver Faceplate
  • Matrix Input
  • 3 Band Parametric EQ
  • High Performance Flex Fader with Tension Adjustment
  • 8 Second Sampler
  • 9 Internal Digital Effects
  • Cross Fader / Channel Start
  • D.S.P. by Analog Devices
  • Headphone Output selector (Split Cue)
  • Main Mic and Aux Mic Inputs (Neutrix combo and 1/4") with Main and Aux/Sub level control and EQ.

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